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There is more powerful content further down the page that shares with you some strategies to help you get some valuable insight. This will further help you understand why you need to watch this video presentation today and not tomorrow. Its just that important to your ability to thrive in todays hyper competitive business environment.
How To Know You Are In The Right Place And "Why" You Should Think About Giving Me The Time Of Day.

Let me share some content with you that you can take right now and see RESULTS WITH

In any market whether or not your an affiliate, a professional speaker, a coach, an e-commerce player, an internet marketer, tinkering around with SEO, a consultant, you all need one thing and that's to have a product and have a backend.

So lets get into what that looks like with a specific methodology.

Choose a Product with Appropriate Price:

Expert content marketers tend to go for products with a price set within the $60-$497 range profit to promote – it’s an optimal price that would enable affiliates like you and the rest of the industries to generate a substantial volume of sales, hence high profit commissions. 

On the other hand, lower price will only yield nominal revenue to you (most beginners focus on this area and wonder why for all their promotional efforts they make a couple of hundred dollars a week when they should be making a couple thousand a week or more, to start) while higher priced products bring in more revenue there is a certain skill to sell high volume, but that is easily taken care when I show you what to do.

If you are are deep with affiliate marketing or e-commerce, or a public speaker, or a consultant, or an internet marketer, ensure you have optimized your ad platform – your blog. Or as I like to call it, your CRPL (Content Rich Product Landing Page)

Spend Time Popularizing Your Blog (Your Content Rich Product Landing Page)

Spend time posting relevant, informative and captivating contents on your Content Rich Product Landing Page. 

You should also use the social media platforms to popularize your Content Rich Product Landing Page. 

When you post interesting stuff on your social media pages, ensure you link back to your Content Rich Product Landing Page for that particular post to a specific page so that your social media fans and followers can click through to your Content Rich Product Landing Page and view your ads.

What do you think happens when you get high engagement from your post that link to your “money page” articles and then you want to run ads to a seasoned “money page” that has high engagement with a great funnel?

Promote More than One Product:

Promoting multiple niche related and highly beneficial ancillary products on your CRPL will help to increase your earning power with your back end marketing. 

However, you should not take up more than you can handle. And, you should not veer away from your niche even if you choose to promote more than one product. 

Case in point one of my students is in the body building niche and he runs $60K per day in ads to his CRPL with multiple offers using FB® traffic and he probably pulls in around $145K per day in gross revenue* (This result is not typical it is highly untypical so dont think you’ll be able to do this right out of the gate, you will need to put in the sweat, endure the grind, and hustle like never before to hone your craft)

Thats the power of having a well seasoned CRPL with 100’s of pages of content and money pages that he as morphed into an asset network and FB® loves it, his funnels are tight and content is on point with high engagement.

Now to let you know...

I've been using these marketing strategies to build my social media audience and multiple email list in many markets that's been working really well lately... So well...

(In fact, I've been generating well over 787 fresh new responsive email subscribers with paid traffic (notably FB® ads - and completely worry free - every single DAY in most of these markets which end up equaling thousands of subscribers per day since we started using this strategy and its something that I'm going to share with you when you click the link above to get access to the video presentation).

You've probably noticed over the last year or so that all of the most successful experts, coaches, consultants, affiliates, internet marketers, and well known companies like Agora Publishing, and others in your industry have built huge social media audiences and very responsive email lists using strategies I'll be sharing in the video presentation.

And not just with email, but with building an automated sales asset that you can leverage while you sleep 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Here’s why this works and why so many "in the know" experts are using it and why you'll learn about it today and get access to it if you want to be just like "them"

Again here's why it works::

Basically this group of people who you are building through your automated machines, and email list building becomes what I like to call your, "virtual distribution messengers and word of mouth fanatics who move your message for you"

Once you've built up an audience of people who know you, like you, and trust you, its just a matter of providing massive value to them and helping them get what they want so when it comes time for you to be selling your products and services to them, it is as simple as sending an email.

Now don't let this simple marketing strategy fool you, many mess it up and get nothing out of it and constantly struggle.

But when its done right...
It’s the most reliable and predictable way to create a long term, sustainable business and highly leveraged asset that you can position to exit for multiples :)

So how do YOU do it?

How can you build a large audience and email list that is very responsive to your offers and influence - QUICKLY - while minimizing risk to you, your ad account (based on people seeing your ads in the newsfeed and making negative comments and bad signals) ?

Well I'd be happy to show you exactly what we're doing on a day to day basis in multiple markets so you know that it can and is being done..

We have new fresh subscribers joining our email list using this strategy every single day, so I thought I'd put together a online video training presentation to walk you through it step by step in full detail.

This is high level training that I've never released before so you are in for a fantastic treat.

All you have to do is scroll back up and enter your name and email address by clicking the blue box above or you can do the same with the blue box below and I'll send the details to your inbox asap.

Thank you.
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